Thursday, April 12, 2018

Painting Session: Daemon Lord - Pantheon of Chaos

So far I've only painted a few of the Pantheon of Chaos miniatures from Knightmare Miniatures. The sculpts are fantastic and just like a gold old Realm of Chaos miniature, so it really is a joy to paint them. But like all the rest of you I have too many projects going on. My last painting session though, was getting the Daemon Lord painted.
The miniature itself is sculpted from this little beauty of an illustration from the Realm of Chaos books Daemon Weapon section:


I went for pale skin which can be done in a myriad of ways, and personally I've tried various ways so far. With a miniaure of this size I felt like I had to do a blending technique. Actual wet blending is a bit cumbersome IMO so I went with glaze blending. I started from a light pink base and worked up to  rakarth flesh and then palid flesh, with paints mixed to a thin translucent glaze. The crevasses of the Daemon was washed with a very thinned down flesh wash using acrylic medium. The hooves, bones and horns was also blended with glaze mixed paint from light brown to bleached bone. The fleshy mutated axe handle started with a base of dwarven flesh with some red in it, then washed heavy red and worked up again with layer painting towards Dwarven Flesh tone at the absolute highlight. The wings was drybrushed with a couple of brown layers. Here he is in all his glory:

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